Top e-Commerce Websites based on 4 Usability Principles

My own selection of the top e-commerce websites that combine sleek design and good user experience based on the following usability principles:

  • Easy user interface that guides buyers through the purchase process.
  • Visible calls to action such as ‘Buy’ buttons
  • Related suggestions/products/services based on the “if then” model.
  • Product overviews, inclusive of product specifications, price, users’reviews.

Sleek design, lovely product page (although I have few issues in adding my selection to the shopping cart), fantastic sleek branded funnel experience, clear call to action. Need to improve the recommendation section. Nice to have the Order displayed during the purchasing process, but I would remove the “change your order” on the payment page.

2. The old JD Sport shopping experience
The oldest version was cleaner, much more intuitive and easy to navigate than the current one, where the use of the word “continue” just drove me crazy.

Ok, I use it even though they not always delivered what I ordered. But I like the overall site experience, the possibility of changing slot as often as I like (and slot availability), the adding/removal of items on page functionality, and the driver.


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