Android N – pre-release notes

A short list of noticeable Google/Android enhancements to be released this fall.

Android Instant Apps

A deep linking functionality that allows the user to access the content within an app, without downloading the app on the user device. Will be available from KitKat to Android N.


Split-Screen multi-window mode

Two Apps can be snapped to occupy halves of the screen


Bundled Notifications & Direct Reply

Notifications cards will be grouped together if they are from the same app.

Doze Mode 2.0

Background tasks will be limited when the phone is on stand-by to saving battery life.

Google Machine Learning Integration

Google Assistant (Google Home) – based on voice search technology to produce a more natural contextualized two way conversation.

ALLO – New Communication Messaging app, based on Rich Communication Services, Google Assistant support, Smart Unique Ambient reply. Works also in Incognito Mode (e2e encryption).

DUO – New Communication Video Calling App: based on Rich Communication Services and Google instant knot-knot technology.

Available on all Android versions, from KitKat to Android N, and iOS

Android Wear 2.o

A new rich platform supporting wearable technology.

Personalized Watch Faces from all available Apps.

Standalone technology – won’t need to take the phone with you.

Also sync with iPhone.

Google Virtual Reality Daydream

A smartphone platform to provide high quality virtual reality.

To be used with headset and Controller

Partner: The New York Times, WSJ, CNN and USA Today.



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