How to analyse the Usability testing Findings

At the end of each usability testing, you will collect several types of data, and report the finding in a spreadsheet as in the example below, where each response is ranked based on the calculated KPIs: (1) Success rates; (2) Task time; (3) Error rates; and (4) Satisfaction.

In example, you can use the following scale to report your findings, where you assign a value of: (1) 0 for all failed task; (2) 1 for all task that are successfully completed  within 1 to 2 minutes; (1) 2 for all task that are successfully completed in 1 minute.


  Segment 1 Segment 2   Segment n Avg. Response by Question
Question 1         Avg. Q1
Question 2         Avg. Q2
Question n         Avg. Q4
Average Response by Segment Avg Seg. 1 Avg Seg. 2   Avg Seg. N  

As you are reviewing the data, it is extremely important to highlight and prioritize any detected usability issue. To help differentiate, you should note the severity of the problems on a scale points as defined below:

Critical This would mean severe business and usability impact. This is a showstopper: the user is unable to complete the task.
High This would mean a significant business and usability impact, but not necessary a showstopper: some users will be frustrated if the issue is not fixed. It is not a showstopper if the affected user segment has no, or low value for the business
Medium This would mean a potential business and usability impact. More impact analyse is needed. Not a showstopper.
Low This would mean there is no an immediate business and usability impact. The users are annoyed, but this doesn’t keep them from completing the task

Your report should include your recommendations and UX/Business/Technological impact. Below the minimum required points:

Provide user acknowledge form after submitting the form H L Easy to fix Fix this issue in the current release
Redesign the Event section L H Time consuming task, not in the spring budget Fix this issue in the next available release


A selection of templates to be used for your reporting can be found at:




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