Low Fidelity Prototypes notes

Low Fidelity Prototypes include:

  1. Sketching;
  2. Storyboard;
  3.  Card-Based.

Sketching – is a free-hand depiction of images related to the final design.


Storyboards – are common way to provide a narrative putting the design into context. It provides an opportunity to see how the user will engage with a given scenario. The below storyboard is from RuoCheng.me.


Card-Based prototype –  allows us to see at the sequence of iterations the user might have with the designed interface.




Usability.com/Prototyping – includes an excellent graph by Tracy Lepore visually showing the evolution from sketch to design.

Lo-Fi vs. Hi-Fi Prototyping: how real does the real thing have to be? by  Florian N. Egger on telenovo.com.

High-Fidelity vs. Low-Fidelity prototyping in Web Design and App Development – by Kim Doleatto on http://www.atlargeinc.com/


UX Recorder – Good for mobile user testing on iOS

Invision – Free design prototyping tool

Marvel App – Free version – prototyping tool for all type of devices.

Azure – the most used software.



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