How to generate product ideas: a practical example

Opportunity Statement

Teenagers who like to sleep in late need an easy way to eat breakfast on the go because they don’t have time to eat breakfast before leaving their home and yet breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”


First list as many ideas cross your mind

Listing ideas

  1. Healthy smoothie hold the backpack/car/scooter/etc… drinking holder.
  2. Breakfast bars that attached to the phone arm holder.
  3. Frozen nutty fruits licorice sticks to be consumed on the go.
  4. Yogurt easily resealable with a stick attached.
  5. Granola in a top zip bag easy mixer.


Then, remove any physical constraint limiting the flow of ideas.

Eliminating a constraint

The teens consume breakfast by themselves at home.

  1. Mini muffin sandwiches in a top zip bag for easy sharing.
  2. Mini sharer plate for bus/car consumption (with friends).
  3. Music food-box container with the latest hits for impromptu parties.
  4. Friends-sharing application for a healthy lifestyle (exercise counts, calories counts, track of eating habit).
  5. VR Breakfast Go app.


Then, make an association with any event related to the target audience.

Make an analogy

If eating breakfast on the go was like having a fun party.

  1. Bright colorful breakfast food and drinks.
  2. Carillon type food boxes.
  3. Friends having breakfast together at each home on rotation.
  4. Friends bringing breakfast food to share.
  5. Theme breakfast parties on the go.


Then, go for the maximum.


Teenagers need to eat 10 apples every morning for breakfast to be healthy

  1. Large apple juice made of 10 apples.
  2. An apple pie to be eaten daily.
  3. 10 apple/peanut butters sandwiches.
  4. A 10 apples waist holder for an easy eat on a go.
  5. A waist that includes holders for: a. A medium juice cup; B. An apple/peanut butter sandwich; C. an apple pie slice.


Is the writer block still impacting your flow of ideas? Then list those you will never recommend.

Get in the garbage

  1. Breakfast electronic dispenser in the teen’s room.
  2. Breakfast’s substitute energy pills.
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow style daily £400 energy smooth.
  4. Music cup that activates on drinking.
  5. Kick-off bed to ensure the teen is not late.


Finally, select the best idea based on well determined criteria.

Most useful idea

Healthy smoothie hold the backpack/car/scooter/etc… drinking holder – it uses existing gadgets, no risk for spilling the content, easy to prepare, fast to consume, full of healthy benefits.


Most Desirable idea

VR Breakfast GO app – apart from encouraging kids having breakfast by sharing their experience online with friends, it could promote a healthier lifestyle by imitation – e.g. advocating walking to school, additional activities, healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner/…  


Easiest Idea

The mini sharer plate for easy consumption with friends – almost every household has a sharer plate, alternately buying one is not expensive. Sharing breakfast with friends should improve the overall experience.


Most functional

Breakfast bars that attached to the phone arm holder – because it uses the unexplored and hidden functionality of an existing gadget.


Most Sustainable idea

Frozen nutty fruits licorice sticks to be consumed on the go – no waste produced, all are eatable pieces.


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